Two photographers are better than one

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Every client hiring a photographer for their upcoming event should understand the limits that can occur with only one photographer at their event and backup solutions. 

Lets take a wedding for our first example. With our advanced digital age, everyone is quick to push out millions of images to their social sharing sites. It is no wonder that instead of 300-600 images in  film , the modern bride is receiving 1200-2000 images. But what does that mean for the photographer?

I would like to think that I am a "machine" but the truth is to pose that many images would be insane. So what are all these images? Many images are candid or "shot from the hip" meaning lots of clicks without having framing or a vision. I am NOT a believer in quantity over quality and yet I still manage to give my clients thousands of how do I do it? How can the bride be prepared for whats to come? What are the photographers limits? Why should two photographers be at your next event? These are some questions we will answer.

How to get quality images in large quantity

Taking hundreds of images, even thousands isn't wise if you think the more a photographer takes should get you something good. The truth is a great photographer can get you 800-1000 images at a 8-10 hour event. However to do this they must follow basic lighting consistencies, quick posing tactics and have an assistant or  second shooter. I always shoot with an assistant at every event. The assistant is key to being able to grab equipment, charge extra batteries, gather groups for my next shot, so I can continue shooting. 

A Photographers limitations

Understanding that a photographer is not a robot attached to a camera is the first step. Unlike other vendors and your guests, the photographer is working hard from the time they walk in and leave. Most photographers are working in a straight 8-10 hour shift not including travel and with about a 1/2 hour  break to grab a bite. During that time they are photographing the bride, candid, posing family shots, organizing, directing and anticipating the expected and unexpected in imagery.

However, if the photographer is with the bride/groom  in the morning who is with the other partner? It is true that the photographer can only be at one place at a time which is why a second photographer is always great to have for cases like this. The second photographer can also photograph the cocktail hour and guests as they arrive, while the main photographer is doing formals and with the bridal party. Not to mention...the unmentionable, but it is a good idea to have a second photographer - because nature does call in a 6-10 hour shift.

How to be prepared for your next event

Simple! Know your photographer, know what style they shoot and what there personal limits are. Be reasonable. If you are the bride that wants more candid then posed, one photographer with an assistant should suffice. But if you want creativity, traditional and candid it is wise to have two photographers. A second photographer can cover the above and emergencies if one should arise and will have their own style. Two creative points of view will only enhance your albums memories and tell your unique love story.

I have recently teamed up with Nina M Photography. She is an amazing editorial photographer and lighting master. She has an eye that compliments my photography style.

Be sure to request her as a second photographer for your next event. Two photographers are always better than one.

Your personal photographer,

Erin Summer M.