Erin Summer M. started shooting at the age of 16 and had one of her first models signed, in fashion shows for Armani  by the age of 18, in which she also had her first front cover publication Internationally.


By the age of 20 she was already shooting over 50 weddings a year throughout the tri-state area, then over 80 a year by the time she was 23.

Additional Experience:

  • Photo lab development including BW, C41, RA4 and E6,

  • Editing and proofing both digital and hard copy,

  • In-studio photography and design. 

  • Staff supervision up to 35 photographers and 37 cinematographers.

  • Research on new equipment and programs for the industry,

  • Set design, styling,

  • Creation of photography manuals and photo department.


I love photography and working with other creative souls to achieve the impossible through imagery and creativity.

Publications & Awards

  • Today’s Photographer magazine March 1997 “3D Winter Scape” ,

  • UDFC Focus Front Cover Fall 2002 “Trophy Doberman”,

  • International Library of Photography; “Fly Away” in Eternal Moments 4/30/2002,

  • “Open up to Nature” in Sifting Sands 4/30/2001,

  • “Sky’s the Limit” in Shades of Life 9/30/2000,

  • “Soda Restaurant” in Eye of the Beholder 2000,

  • “Tulips” in Life Canvas 10/31/00,

  • Times Herald Record 1/1/2002 “Twin Towers” & Weddings 3/4/2005,

  • The Buzz  front cover 11/30/2002  “For Everything There is a Season”,

  • Harmon Homes Front Cover 9/6/1998 “Estate”,

  • DNR Mens Fashion Magazine,

  • GO NYC Magazine multiple issues from 2005-2013,

  • Time Out NY,

  • Village Voice,

  • Annual OCF 3 years ,1st place.